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We offer a robust and rich Nigerian and British curriculum blended together to enable our pupils to compete successfully with their peers all over the world. We offer education for children from 3months – 10/11 years. To be eligible for admission into Nursery One, candidates must turn three years by the year of admission. For your child to be qualified for enrollment in our crèche, preschool, Nursery, and Primary school, he or she must be of a minimum age by 1st of September of the school year. Applicants will undergo a test according to their age category.


  • 3months and above


  • 2years and below

Early start

  • 2years and above

Nursery 1

  • 3years and above

Nursery 2

  • 4 years and above

Year 1

  • 5years and above

Year 2

  • 6years and above

Year 3

  • 7years and above

Year 4

  • 8years and above

Year 5

  • 9years and above

Year 6

  • 10years and above
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